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Below are the frequently asked questions regarding Joomla modules available on Trafalgar Design.

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TD Cooliris

What is TD Cooliris?

TD Cooliris is a module for Joomla 1.5 which enables the display of a Cooliris wall in a module. This is configurable in the admin backend with all the parameters from the Cooliris API found here

The source of the images can be Flickr, Picasa or MediaRSS feed. At present MediaRSS support is relatively untested.

Last Updated on Saturday, 20 March 2010 06:49

Example TD Cooliris Module

TD Cooliris module with default settings displaying a Flickr search for Trafalgar


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FAQ Slider Module

What is FAQ Slider Module?

FAQ Slider Module is a module for Joomla 1.5 which enables the display of Joomla content in tabs, sliders or both in a module position. The content can be:

  • a section
  • a category
  • a module position
  • a comma separated list of articles
  • a comma separated list of modules

The functionality is almost identical to the FAQ Slider Plugin

Please note: you may find strange results if using both the plugin and the module to display content on the same page.

Last Updated on Friday, 13 August 2010 23:07

Example FAQ Slider Module

FAQ Slider Module with default settings displaying the Latest News category


An example can be seen in the right menu here ->


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Make a Donation...


FAQ Slider Module

Coming soon...

Trafalgar Design is finally getting the makeover it deserves and will soon be fully online.

Here you will find a variety of tips and tricks for web development and a few open source scripting extensions.

We will also be offering web development and design services so watch this space...

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 December 2009 12:45

Powering up...

The site is now starting to power up and get some content on board. In developing the site, we've written a new plugin to generate dynamic sliders and tabs, FAQ Slider. This might be useful so we've made it available in the downloads section.

We're going to release our first paid for component in the near future, Full Circle, the first Joomla! component to offer a 360 degree appraisal system. Features will include:

  1. Fully anonymised, confidential feedback aggregation with a variety of output formats
  2. Feedback recipient's ability to monitor feedback progress and issue reminders
  3. Archival, printing and PDF output
  4. System to ensure debriefing with results of feedback
  5. Multi-level administrative access to allow review of feedback
  6. Encrypted data in the database to maintain confidentiality
  7. Ability for system administrators to trace abusive feedback if necessary

This is a very exciting development and has taken many, many hours of development. If you are interested, please contact us for a preview demonstration.

We will also be looking to release a few other components in the near future. These will include:

  1. eDOCman - email uploads for DOCman
  2. Add Keywords SEO - SEO management with a brand new frontend interface for adding keywords
  3. TD Linker - plugin to allow centralised management of all the links on your website and basic tracking of clicks


Lots to come in the next few months but why not have a look at our current offerings, the Add Keywords, FAQ Slider and TD reCAPTCHA plugins

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